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Carved Pit Bull Intention Stones, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Lepidolite, Fluorite, and Glaucophane

Carved Pit Bull Intention Stones, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Lepidolite, Fluorite, and Glaucophane

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A tribute to my Lucy

If these crystals don't look like the shiny trinkets you're used to, you would be correct. I wanted Lucy to be the natural stone and without the removal of oclusions and cracks. In other words, I didn't want her overly processed. She was machine started, hand finished.

Please look closely at the pictures. They show both the oiled and unoiled appearance of these stones.

This particular design was finished 2 days after we said good bye to Lucy. Rather than call this form the 4th in my Sarah series (the 3 existing Pit Bulls) as a soap, I separated this one out to be the one and only Lucy, releasing her as a raw, carved crystal in an evil attempt that she never be forgotten, by anyone. Soaps are temporary. Stones are forever.

Lucy, well, all of our dogs for that matter, didn't come to us pretty and shiny. They were all scratch and dent, physically and emotionally. Every one of them shining stars when given the chance. These stones are a tribute to my Lucy, a rough diamond who was never given a chance. We were only blessed with her for 67 days.

We would have made her shine, but she came to us too late and we couldn't save her. All we could do was love her as hard as we could until she told us she couldn't go on.

Lucys to the left are oiled. Just a little bit of love made her brighter. Keep her oiled, and handle her, talk to her even, and you can make her as bright as you want, or you can accept her for who she is. It's up to you.

These are not trinkets. These are Lucy, and all the other dogs, cats, and other beings in shelters, on the streets, and everywhere else they may be, just waiting to shine. Just waiting for someone to see them for who they are. 

Only 100, 20 of each stone were carved of this Secret Desert Soapworks's exclusive and I have no plans to get more carved.  That means only 98 people in the world, (my husband and I each have 1) will have the honor of welcoming a Lucy stone into their lives. 

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