Are the 3d soaps carved?

No. They are made from molds.

How do I order a custom melt and pour 3d soap?

All listings can be customized to varying degrees and most have an option for “custom” in the purchase options. If you want a custom soap made of your dog, cat, or other critter, SEND ME A PICTURE FIRST to make sure I can do it. There are certain color patterns that I have not mastered yet in soap, and there are some molds that offer only limited customization. Always ask before you buy!

How close to my dog or cat will the soap look?

To customize, details are painted inside the molds with melted, colored soap base. After the details are added, a main pour, with the subject’s primary color is done. Because I am dealing with a hot liquid poured over fine details, some of the details may migrate. Custom soaps will look close, but not identical. Sometimes I get it spot on, but there is no guarantee to get that perfect on all customs.

How do I order a custom cold processed soap?

If you are looking for a custom cold processed soap, please call or e-mail me so we can discuss your needs. Custom Cold Processed soaps are sold by the loaf (10 bars). Remember: My focus is on function, not color. For this reason, I can not make brightly colored soaps or soaps with specific patterns or designs.

I have a specific wine, beer, pumpkin, preserve (or other ingredient) I want made into a soap. Can you do that?

Absolutely! As long as you can provide me with the specific ingredient (i.e grandma’s preserves, your favorite wine, etc.) you want, I can do it. If it has any moisture in it, I can break it down with Lye. Contact me to discuss your needs.

How long will it take for me to receive my custom cold processed soap?

Depending on the ingredients, it can take up to 6 weeks (curing) before I can ship, 8 weeks before recommended use. Your soaps would be safe to use before that time, they just wouldn’t last very long because of the curing time.

What is your Return Policy?

I do not accept returns. Instead, if there is a problem with your order, send me pictures of all questionable items. When I see what the problem is, I will offer either a refund or replacement. The soaps you received are yours to use. Please use them! I MUST see pictures before any next steps. Please note: I am not responsible for damages that occur during shipping. If in doubt, add shipping insurance to the order.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Orders 15 pieces and above may qualify for quantity discounts. The amount of the discount will depend on whether or not the items are same color, same fragrance, same mold or whether it is 15 unique pieces. Contact me in advance to discuss.

Do you have vendor (reseller) discounts?

Yes. With a minimum order of $200, and a copy of your Resale Certificate. Orders will be duplicates of several items rather than separate individual items. In other words, wholesale pricing does not apply if asking for 1 of each item in my catalogue.

How is shipping calculated?

Shipping is automatically calculated at check out. Sometimes the calculator is not correct. If you were over charged at check out, the difference between that amount and actual shipping cost will be refunded to you when you order is shipped.

What is your Soaps for Good program?

Every month, except December, a portion of the proceeds of all of our sales will be donated to a featured charity. This donation includes all internet, telephone, e-mail and in person sales. Rather than pay Meta or Google for advertising, I found that donating to a charity to share Secret Desert Soapworks with it’s followers gives a better reach. That the charity receives benefit as well, it’s a win-win situation.

How can my charity sign up for your Soaps for Good program?

Any non-political, non-religious 501c3 charity may participate (2023 is completely booked, sign ups for 2024 will begin in October. Proceed sharing for 2024 will be 10%).

What does my charity need to do to participate in your Soaps for Good program?

To participate, you will need to share the fundraiser with your followers at least 4 times, spaced out throughout the target time frame. That’s it! I would also need a point person from your organization to report sales and any other information relevant to the fundraiser to.